Fire Investigation

What is a Fire Investigation?

The primary purpose of a fire investigation is to identify the origin and cause of the fire.  It is not only a specialist form of crime scene investigation but often requires the involvement of laboratory analysis of residues for materials such as petrol that may have been used to start a fire. It may also be necessary to conduct detailed examinations of equipment such as heater or electrical appliances that may have caused the fire.

Rapier has a team of highly experienced fire investigators, including former fire brigade and forensic investigators who are second to none.  Our staff have worked in the UK and abroad and have worked on high profile cases on behalf of the foreign office.

Our partners, Bureau Veritas provide scientific and forensic support, so we can provide the best possible service.

What can Rapier Fire do for you?

  • Provide a free initial consultation and provide advice by telephone or via email
  • Investigate both the Origin and Cause of the fire and non-terrorist explosions
  • Provide a detailed report, identifying not only the cause but the mechanisms by which Fire Development occurred detailing contributory factors, such as lack of fire estopping, inadequate compartmentation, effect of building contents, adequacy of housekeeping, etc.
  • Provide an Expert Witness service
  • Case management
  • Detailed fire investigation where greater detail is required than was provided by the fire and rescue service
  • Investigations where client with multiple sites has suffered a series of fire incidents to establish whether a pattern exists and identify the remedial measures which can be taken to reduce the risk of fire in the future
  • Investigation and report for insurance purposes, either on behalf of the client, or the insurance company and loss adjusters.
  • To mediate where initial fire and rescue report is disputed
  • Conduct Cold Case Reviews

Fire Investigations undertaken on behalf of clients by Rapier may be  carried out for a variety or reasons.  Our investigation will lead to a detailed report in which we will identify where and how a fire started, the ignition source and cause.  We can identify the means by which fire spread through a building, allowing clients to undertake any necessary actions.

We have a highly experienced team of  fire investigators who have operated throughout the UK and abroad.  A member of our team took part in the investigation at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, following the siege in 2008.

We are supported by Bureau Veritas who provide forensic facilities and general scientific support.

If you have suffered fire loss and are unsure what action to take, if you need a second opinion, or require further evidence for insurance or other action, give us a call.  It costs nothing to talk to us!