Fire call-outs halved in Wales

Provisional Welsh government statistics for 2014/15 indicate a steady 15-year decrease in incidents attended by Welsh fire services.

The most recent fire and rescue statistics, extracted from the Incident Recording System in June and presented in July by the Welsh government to the Department for Communities and Local Government, provide in-depth analysis of fire incidents attended by Welsh fire and rescue services (FRSs). This includes details on location, cause, motive, casualties and false alarms, and shows time series from 2001/02 where possible.

 Incidents attended in 2001/2 totalled almost 55,000, while the most recent data indicates a fall to just over 27,000, continuing the 15-year trend of declining statistics.

Other indications in the statistics for the 2014/15 period include that in Wales call-outs decreased by 5% compared with the previous one, as well as:

  • an increase of 1% in false fire alarms from 15,312 in 2013/14 to 15,482 in 2014/15 
  • malicious false fire alarms fell from 646 to 605
  • 30% of dwellings do not have a smoke alarm
  • the largest single cause of accidental fires was misuse of equipment or appliances (36%) 

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