Health & Safety Training

Everybody has responsibility for Health & Safety, with the levels of responsibility varying according to ones role within an organisation.

Owners, Directors and Managers have responsibility for the health and safety of workers, contractors, customers and visitors, whether working, customers or otherwise.

Supervisors and Workers are required (by law) to follow company rules, use safety equipment correctly, wear protective equipment and to report all accidents and unsafe practices.

All people with responsibility for others should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Do I have enough knowledge to ensure that the health and safety procedures of my company are adequate?
  • Have I made sufficient arrangements for the implementation good health and safety procedures and checks?
  • Have I made the right provision for my staff, contractors, customers and other visitors?
  • Do I have procedures to ensure that I provide a service that complies with the law?
  • Do I have a system to check on my workers’ health and safety performance when working alone, or with other companies?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then basic Health & Safety training for managers and directors may be the answer.  Rapier can offer the following training courses at your premises, or at our training facilities in London and the South East.

  • Health & Safety for Directors and Managers
  • Health & Safety for Supervisors and Workers (Tailored for individual trades, professions or other activities)

All training will be tailored to the needs of your organisation and people.  Our costs are surprisingly modest, whether you come to us or if we deliver training on your site.

Rapier provides a full Health & Safety consultancy for all industry and commercial sectors, including audits, assessments and training.  Whatever your needs, call us on 01689 857 887, or drop us an e-mail to