Working at Height & Rope Access Training

Wherever people are required to work at height, sufficient measures must be in place to reduce risk and provide a safe system of work.  IN most cases this will mean the provision of adequate training for all personnel, the provision of adequate safety systems, possibly the inclusion of collective or individual systems and the provision and use of appropriate individual personal protective equipment.

Rapier provide a range of training courses designed to ensure that the individual operators, supervisors and managers are all fully aware of their roles and responsibilities and that all people are competent to undertake their individual roles.

The following courses can be delivered on your site, or at one of our training centres.  Content can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular company or activities.

  • Safe Working at Height
  • Harness & Lanyard Awareness
  • Working at Height Training (Operator)
  • Working at Height Training (Supervisor)
  • Management of Working at Height
  • Working on Roofs
  • Rope Access to BS7985 (Operator)
  • Rope Access to BS7985 (Supervisor)
  • Intermediate Climbing
  • Advance Climbing
  • High Angle Rescues (Operator)
  • High Angle Rescues (Supervisor)
  • Safety Monitoring & Risk Assessing
  • Tower Crane Access Operator
  • Crane/Tower - Evacuation & Rescues